Winter Fat Biking in Chelan County

In recent years, fat tire snow biking has become increasingly popular. Fat bikes feature super wide tires that enable riders to float along snowy and sandy surfaces. Chelan County is becoming a paradise for fat tire snow biking!

Echo Ridge Trails

The Echo Ridge Recreation Area near the city of Chelan is a great place to bike through snow covered terrain. Bikes (and dogs) are allowed on all of the snowshoe trails, offering epic views of Lake Chelan and nearby mountain ranges.

Squilchuck State Park Trails

The mountain bike trails surrounding Wenatchee are also open to Winter fat biking. Bike trails at Squilchuck State Park are used throughout the winter by locals.

Leavenworth Trails

In the Leavenworth area, fat biking is now available on the snowshoe and nordic ski trails at Ski Hill. Other mountain bike trails in the area may also be available in the winter, such as Rosy Boa and 4 The Boys.

Other Info

According to the US Forest service, there are no prohibitions for fat tire biking on snowmobile trails in the Chelan Ranger District, however, fat biking is only allowed on the snowshoe trails at Echo Ridge. So, bring your fat bike to Chelan County to enjoy year-round biking and explore snow covered landscapes!