Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month in Chelan County

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Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month in Chelan County

National Hispanic Heritage Month, observed from September 15th to October 15th, is a time to recognize and celebrate the rich cultural contributions of Hispanic and Latinx communities in the United States. In Chelan County, Washington, this month-long celebration takes on a special significance as it highlights the diverse Hispanic heritage that has become an integral part of the local tapestry.

The Significance of National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15th, marking the anniversary of the independence of five Latin American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Mexico’s Independence Day follows closely on September 16th, and Chile’s on September 18th. This month serves as a reminder of the enduring impact and influence of Hispanic and Latinx cultures on American society.

National Hispanic Heritage Month is also an excellent time to support local Hispanic-owned businesses in Chelan County. Whether it’s enjoying authentic Latin cuisine at a local restaurant or shopping at Hispanic-owned stores, your support can make a meaningful impact on the local economy.


Los Tres Pueblos

Lake Chelan
Ariana’s Tienda Mexicana
La Pequenita

Tienda Mexicana Saysa

Carniceria Los Compadres
El Centenario Wenatchee
La Mexicana Super Market
Reyes Market LLC
Tienda Mexicana