Cashmere is the geographic center of Washington State,  and this town’s got a lot of heart!  Surrounded by pear and apple orchards,  there’s no mistaking how Cashmere made its fortunes.  Locally grown fruit is packed and shipped all around the world,  from the tree to your table.  Chances are if you have enjoyed a Washington pear,  it probably was grown in the hills that surround Cashmere.

Downtown is a great place to get some delicious lunch or pick up a fresh pastry.  Walk the shady sidewalks past turn of the century craftsman homes lovingly restored and preserved.  Be sure not to miss a world class collection of local Native American artifacts on display at the Cashmere museum,  right across the river from downtown.  This unassuming building houses a stunning collection of pottery, artifacts and primitive weapons.  The area’s early pioneer spirit is equally represented and visitors can walk amongst any of the 20 original buildings on the property.

Located in Riverside Park, the 9-11 Spirit of America Memorial is a nationally recognized memorial to the events of September 11, 2001. An impressive memorial dedicated to the lives lost with the mission of educating tomorrow’s generation on the event that changed our lives forever.

While in town, be on the lookout for the Gnomes of Cashmere! Scattered throughout town, there is evidence of these small creatures’ homes and businesses which stand no more than 6 inches tall. Each business and home has a story about the gnome(s) who own the property and their magical lives. Use the online map to track down all these secret spots. Can you find them all?

Cashmere’s is a wonderful place to visit and a great place to live!

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