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Yoga (LEAVENWORTH, WENATCHEE, LAKE CHELAN) – Clear your mind and flex your body amongst some of the most beautiful natural surroundings found anywhere in Washington State.  Experienced teachers will help you find your balance and inner peace in today’s busy world.



Tours ( LEAVENWORTH, LAKE CHELAN, WENATCHEE, CASHMERE ) – There are a wealth of things to see and do in Visit Chelan County, and sure you could read all about it, but its way more fun to experience it!  Head on over and learn about the construction and history of the Rocky Reach Dam, or learn about our agricultural roots [...]



Shopping ( LEAVENWORTH, LAKE CHELAN, WENATCHEE, CASHMERE ) – Whether you’re interested in or hunting for that special gift, checking out the latest outdoor gear or just window shopping,  the variety and close proximity of shops in our area make Washington’s Playground the perfect shopping destination.  Step into another world as you walk the downtown streets of the Bavarian-themed town [...]



Museums (LEAVENWORTH LAKE CHELAN, WENATCHEE, CASHMERE ) – Learn about the area’s pioneer days and the Native Americans that called this place home for years.  Discover how the landscape was shaped by glaciers and wild rushing waters and the abundance wildlife that inhabit the area’s diverse regions.  While in Leavenworth, make sure to stop by the famous [...]


Hiking & Pedestrian Trails

Hiking & Pedestrian Trails ( LEAVENWORTH, LAKE CHELAN, WENATCHEE ) – Thousands of miles of hiking and pedestrian trails lead outdoor enthusiasts from riverbanks to ridgelines and everything in between just minutes from downtown Leavenworth.  Trek high into the Alpine Wilderness on a network of 2,500 miles of trail in the Wenatchee National Forest alone, or take an [...]

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Float Tours & Cruises

Float Tours & Cruises ( LEAVENWORTH, LAKE CHELAN, WENATCHEE ) – The mountains around the Icicle and Wenatchee Rivers whisk you away to the European Alps.  Coupled with the Bavarian-themed town of Leavenworth, lazy river float tours are a great way to spend a warm summer day or evening.  Watch the wildlife gather at the water’s edge for refreshment [...]

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Camping ( LEAVENWORTH, LAKE CHELAN, WENATCHEE ) – Camping opportunities are plentiful whether you’re parking an RV, or pitching a tent.   Camp in one of the many state parks complete with water and electrical hookups, or camp trailside in the backcountry alpine wilderness to find your ultimate escape.  Check the Washington State Parks website, or stop by one of [...]



Boating ( LAKE CHELAN, WENATCHEE ) – Motorized or man-powered, we have you covered.   Visit Visit Chelan County and enjoy the waters of our lakes and rivers from the comfort of your own craft.  The 55-mile long glacially-carved Lake Chelan is one of the most popular boating waterways in the state. Want to fish? Check.  Want to wakeboard [...]


Birding & Wildlife Viewing

Birding & Wildlife ( LEAVENWORTH, LAKE CHELAN, WENATCHEE ) – From the symbol of the country, the bald eagle, to the sometimes elusive sometimes over-friendly mountain goats, this area is full of wildlife that is sure to help you find your connection with nature.  Wander riverside trails, or hike densely forested groves in mountainous valleys.  The backdrops [...]

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