Project Description

Experience the feeling of flight while overlooking the sparkling Columbia River from the high mountain cliffs that are the home of Tunnel Zip Lines at Castle Vineyards in sunny Lake Chelan, WA. Built to provide an extreme zip lining experience, it features 4 zip lines, including the practice line, two from one ridge to another traveling 500 feet on average, plus the longest and fastest at over 880 feet where riders effortless glide at speeds between 50-75 MPH.

The property is also home to Castle Vineyards, where you can taste and purchase on property-grown and produced Austrian-style wines. Talk with the owners Richard and Loretta about their beautiful property, their drive to create one-of-a-kind wines, and their excitement to offer one of the fastest zip lines in the nation. Located near a fairly short but impressive tunnel that cuts through a cliff side high above the Columbia River along US Highway 97A, it’s only 3 miles from downtown Chelan (before the tunnel), and 32 miles from Wenatchee (after the tunnel).

tunnel ziplines chelan wa number 4 line

Upon arrival, enter the castle-themed building where you can get signed up for your zip line and tour that includes stops at an overlook with amazing views of the shimmering Columbia River winding between lush green vineyards and rocky hillsides, and the old Teacher’s Cabin with an interesting history of its own. The staff will take care of getting everyone suited up in safety gear including a harness and a helmet, before starting training on the practice line that stays pretty close to the ground. You’ll learn to steer yourself while riding, and get your first taste of the feeling of flight.

tunnel ziplines chelan wa practice line

Following the practice line, the real tour begins. Take a short ride in a van around the property as you gain elevation, heading towards the first platform high on the hillside. Along the way, learn about the history of the property, the vineyard, laugh at some jokes, and enjoy the surrounding views.

tunnel ziplines chelan wa lookout over lake chelan

At the end of the road on the hillside, you’ll follow your guides on a fairly short but steep hike the rest of the way to the first platform. Once there, it’s time to fly!

tunnel ziplines chelan wa zip line over lake chelan

The fourth and final zip line is by far the fastest with riders reaching speeds between 50-75 MPH! If the previous rides didn’t get your heart pumping, this one surely will. Soar over 880 feet after leaping from the platform perched high on the mountain side, effortlessly gliding down the line and gaining speed over grape vines and cherry trees until you level out down near the castle. But it’s not over there… Designed with a unique braking system, an industrial-strength pair of bungee-style cords capture your momentum and fling you back up the zip line several hundred feet causing a pendulum type of effect while you zip back and forth until you come to a stop at the low point in the line. Guides then rise up on a lift to unhook you from the line and collect your safety gear, concluding the tour.

tunnel ziplines chelan wa slingshot zip line

Tunnel Zip Lines is advertised as an extreme zip line experience, and extreme it is. But don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself!