Leavenworth is world famous for its adopted Bavarian theme and scenic mountain setting that could easily be mistaken for a village in the Alps.  Nestled along the banks at the convergence of two rivers, this charming small town is one of Washington’s best places to visit. Summers filled with sunny skies and winters covered [...]



Cashmere is the geographic center of Washington State,  and this town’s got a lot of heart!  Surrounded by pear and apple orchards,  there’s no mistaking how Cashmere made its fortunes.  Locally grown fruit is packed and shipped all around the world,  from the tree to your table.  Chances are if you have enjoyed a Washington [...]



Wenatchee is the largest city in Chelan County and the economic center of North Central Washington.  This sunny city on the Columbia River has been voted one of the best places to live and recreate in the country. In the summer the river is filled with families and friends waterskiing and pleasure boating the [...]


Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan is simply spectacular. This 50.5 mile long glacier fed lake is perhaps the most popular freshwater lake in Washington. Summer’s seemingly endless sunny weather and clean blue water have made Lake Chelan a very popular vacation destination. Boats of all shapes and sizes tour the lake, waterskiing and wakeboarding being prime attractions. [...]

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